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Financial support

As a carer, you may be eligible for:

  • benefits
  • grants 
  • financial help at college or university

The person you care for may get money from the local council to arrange their own care (a 'self-directed support direct payment'). They could choose to pay for things that will help you in your caring role. 

You also have rights at work to help you keep your job and income while you're caring. 

Benefits for carers

You may be eligible for benefits such as:

Check which benefits you could get using a benefits calculator

Local funds and grants 

You may be eligible for grants because you're a carer or because of:

  • your financial circumstances
  • where you live
  • your age
  • your current or past job

Ask your local council or carers centre if there are grants for carers in your local area. 

Find out more about grants for carers on Care Information Scotland.

Financial help at college or university

If you're a carer in further education you may be eligible for: 

Ask your college or university's student services department what you're eligible for before you start your course or term.

Rights at work

If you're an employee, you've got rights such as:

  • requesting flexible working – such as reduced hours or job sharing
  • time off for dependants
  • unpaid parental leave
  • maternity, paternity or adoption leave 
  • paid annual leave

Some rights require a period of continuous employment before you qualify for them. 

Find out more about employment status and rights on GOV.UK

Get advice about working while caring

Find out more about your rights at work on Carers UK

You can get employment advice from the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS).

Self-directed support direct payment

The person you care for may get a direct payment from the council to arrange their own support. 

They can choose to pay for things that will help you to care for them, such as:

  • hiring professional carers or personal assistants 
  • cleaning services
  • home adaptations and equipment
  • short breaks (respite care or replacement care)

To get support from the council, they can ask the council to assess their needs

Get advice about money and benefits

Your entitlement to benefits can be affected by working or getting other financial support. 

You can get advice from:

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