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Health, social care and wellbeing

Includes information on care services, costs and help for carers.

  1. Advocacy – someone to speak on your behalf

    If you need help expressing your views when attending health appointments, you can get an independent advocate.

  2. Ask for patient transport

    Get help with transport if you cannot +get to your healthcare appointment for medical reasons.

  3. Check In Scotland

    Check In Scotland is part of NHS Scotland's Test and Protect service.

  4. Create a Check In Scotland QR code poster

    How to create a unique QR code poster for your venue as part of Scotland's Test and Protect.

  5. Healthcare for UK nationals living in the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein

    Information on healthcare for UK nationals living in the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein.

  6. Care and caring

    Information on looking after your health or someone else's.

  7. Complaints

    Get help with complaints and find out how care is regulated.

  8. Healthy eating

    Information on eating healthily at home and when going out.

  9. Mental health

    Information on getting help and support with mental ill health.

  10. Organ and tissue donation

    Find out how to register to be an organ donor, how to opt out, update your details and to check if you’re already on the register.

  11. Register with a doctor

    How to find and register with a local doctor (GP).

  12. Register with an NHS dentist

    How to register with an NHS dentist and what to expect as an NHS dental patient.

  13. Social service work

    Infomation on social service workers, and their work helping support vulnerable children and adults.

  14. Sport

    Information on how to take part in sport and help coach others.

  15. Covid - support if you're on the Highest Risk List (previously 'the shielding list')

    Help and support if you're on the Highest Risk List (previously the shielding list) in Scotland.

  16. Free period products

    How to get free period products in Scotland.

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