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Preparing for flooding

You can find out if your area is at risk of flooding from these flood maps.

You can also sign up to a direct warning service. This will let you know if the property (for example your home or business) or area you're in is at risk of flooding.

The Floodline website has information about how to:

The Scottish Flood Forum has information on creating flood defences for your home.

Flood insurance

Home owners

Flood insurance is usually included as a part of your 'buildings insurance' (which covers the structure of your property). If your home is in a high risk area it may be hard or expensive to get insurance.

Flood RE helps provide insurance if your house is at a high risk of flooding. It's backed by the UK government.

Get more information about flooding insurance on the Money Advice Service website.

If you rent your home

The owner will pay the building insurance but it may not cover the possessions in your home. Ask your landlord whether your belongings are covered. If not you could get 'contents insurance' to cover them from flooding.

Business owners

You can cover your business for flood damage by insuring:

  • stock - with contents insurance
  • property - with commercial property insurance
  • the losses you make during a flood - business interruption insurance

Floodline has information about protecting your farm.

If you're unhappy with your insurance company

You can complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service if you don't think your insurance company has acted fairly.

The Financial Ombudsman's website has information about flooding insurance cases.

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