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Housing and local services

Find out about owning and renting a property, council services and emergency planning.

  1. Building Scotland Fund

    Information on the Building Scotland Fund including what you can use it for and how to apply.

  2. Buying and owning a property

    Information about buying, taxing, keeping and selling a home or business property.

  3. Community safety and crime prevention

    Includes personal and home safety, terrorism and weather emergencies like flooding.

  4. Council tax

    Find out about registering for council tax, ways to pay, exemptions and tax bands in Scotland.

  5. Energy efficiency at home

    Information on making your home more energy efficient and reducing energy bills.

  6. Find your local council in Scotland

    Visit your local council website.

  7. Self-building a home

    Information about building your own home or renovating an existing derelict property.

  8. Landlords, letting agents and property factors

    Find out what you need to know if you are a landlord, including how to hire a letting agent or property factor.

  9. Mobile homes

    Information for mobile home owners, mobile home site owners and gypsy travellers.

  10. Noise, neighbours, pets and pests

    Includes neighbour disputes, reporting noise nuisance and looking after pets.

  11. Planning permissions, appeals and building regulations

    Find out how to get planning permission, appeal a planning decision and meet building regulations and standards.

  12. Public libraries

    Library services in Scotland, including find your local library and online resources.

  13. Repossessions, emergency housing and evictions

    Information on what support is available to help you stay in your home. Includes your rights if you're facing homelessness or are homeless.

  14. Renting a property

    Information on starting and ending a tenancy with a private landlord, or applying for social housing.

  15. Rubbish, recycling, streets and roads

    Includes collecting large waste items, garden waste and reporting problems.

  16. Water supplies and sewerage

    Find out about water supplies and sewerage.

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