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Disability Living Allowance for children in Scotland

In the future, payment of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children in Scotland will transfer from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to Social Security Scotland.

A new benefit called Child Disability Payment will replace DLA for children in Scotland. There will be no change to the amount you are paid.

Children and young people in Scotland will continue to get Child Disability Payment until they are 18.

DWP will contact you before your child turns 16

If your child gets DLA for children you will receive a letter from DWP about 5 months before their 16th birthday.

This will let you know that Social Security Scotland will take over payment of their award in future.

What you'll need to do

When a young person is 16 they can get their benefit payments directly.

You'll need to let DWP know:

  • how they should get payments if they are to be paid directly
  • if payments should still be made to their parent or guardian if they are not able to manage their own benefits

The letter will let you know how you should give DWP this information.

If you need help or have any questions, you should contact DWP by calling free on 0800 121 4600.

DWP will continue to make payments until Social Security Scotland take over payments for your child.

You'll get a letter from Social Security Scotland telling you the exact date that this will happen.

If the child or young person moves to Scotland

DWP will write to you if the young person:

  • has moved to Scotland
  • gets DLA for children
  • will turn 16 on or after 1 September 2020

They'll let you know that you can choose to either:

  • get DLA for children or Child Disability Payment until the age of 18
  • apply for Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

If you've already applied for PIP but not had a decision, you'll be able to withdraw the application if you choose. You'll then continue to get DLA for children or Child Disability Payment until the age of 18.

If you need help or advice

You might want to get independent advice about your options.

This could be from your local Citizens Advice Bureau or your local council's welfare rights service.

Find out more about getting help and advice with benefits in Scotland.

If your child is under 15 years old

You do not need to do anything if your child is not approaching 16 years old.

Social Security Scotland will write to you when it is time for your payments to be transferred. Until then your payments will continue to be made by DWP as before.

If you want to make a new application for Disability Living Allowance for children

DLA for children provides money for the extra costs of looking after a child with a disability.

Visit GOV.UK to find out how to apply for DLA for children.

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