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What to do if you think our benefit decision is wrong

Once your benefit has transferred to Social Security Scotland, from the date you receive your award letter you have the right to:

You can contact Social Security Scotland to have your award looked at when you receive your letter stating that your transfer has completed.

The differences between a review, a re-determination and an appeal 

A review 

Social Security Scotland asks you to provide more information about the impact of your disability. Social Security Scotland looks at your existing award information and any changes you have shared to make sure you’re getting paid the right amount. 

A re-determination 

You can ask for a re-determination by completing a re-determination form within 42 days of getting your outcome letter. A different Social Security Scotland team will take a fresh look at our previous determination and make a new determination. Social Security Scotland has 56 days to completed the re-determination. If Social Security Scotland take longer than 56 days to make a new determination you have the right to appeal.  

An appeal

An appeal is made after a re-determination. If you’re unhappy with the decision about your Child Disability Payment after a re-determination, you can ask for an  appeal. You cannot appeal unless you have asked for a re-determination first. However if Social Security Scotland has not made a re-determination after 56 days you can make an appeal directly to the First-tier Tribunal.  


If you're currently appealing a benefit decision with the Department for Work and Pensions, you'll not be transferred to Social Security Scotland until your appeal is complete.

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