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Court orders, sentences and convictions

How sentences are worked out, prison sentences and appealing a sentence or conviction.

  1. Antisocial Behaviour Orders (ASBO)

    Find out why you can be given an ASBO, and what happens if you break it.

  2. Animal disqualification orders

    A court can ban you from owning or keeping animals, dealing in animals, or transporting animals.

  3. Appeal a sentence or conviction

    How to appeal a sentence or conviction if you're found guilty of a crime at court.

  4. Apply to reduce your driving disqualification period

    How to apply to court to reduce your driving ban. Includes who can apply and how much it costs.

  5. Football Banning Orders

    A court can ban you from attending all football matches in Scotland, the rest of the UK and abroad for up to 10 years.

  6. How sentences are worked out

    What a judge considers when deciding a sentence – includes what the law says and sentencing factors.

  7. Miscarriage of justice: claim compensation

    How to apply for compensation for a miscarriage of justice. Includes the Statutory Scheme and the Ex Gratia Scheme.

  8. Serve or enforce a court order

    Information on how to serve or enforce a court order.

  9. Sex Offenders Register

    If someone is convicted of a sexual offence, their details will be held on the Sex Offenders Register.

  10. Types of prison sentences

    The range of prison sentences a court can give – including determinate sentences, life sentences and Orders for Lifelong Restriction.

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