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Courts, tribunals, sentencing and witnesses

Includes criminal, civil and Children's Hearing court cases, witness support and jury service.

  1. Court orders, sentences and convictions

    How sentences are worked out, prison sentences and appealing a sentence or conviction.

  2. Going to court as a victim or witness

    What happens at a criminal, civil or Children's Hearing court case. Giving evidence and claiming witness expenses at court.

  3. Apply to become a justice of the peace

    Find out what a justice of the peace does and how you can apply to become one.

  4. Being charged with a crime

    What happens if the police charge you with a crime. Includes being released on an undertaking or kept in police custody until your first court hearing.

  5. Complain about a judge, sheriff or justice of the peace

    How to complain about the behaviour of a judge, sheriff or justice of the peace.

  6. Complain about the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service

    How to complain to the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service if you’re unhappy with their service.

  7. Court fees

    Includes information on paying court fees and help with fees if you're on a low income or getting benefits.

  8. Criminal courts

    The different types of criminal court – Sheriff Court, High Court, Sheriff Appeal Court and Justice of the Peace Court.

  9. Find a court

    Find contact details and information about courts in Scotland. Includes finding court cases and court judgements.

  10. Jury service

    What to do if you're asked to do jury service. Includes applying for exemption or excusal and claiming expenses.

  11. Miscarriage of justice: apply for compensation

    You can apply for compensation if you’ve been wrongfully convicted of or charged with a crime.

  12. Pay a court fine

    Includes how to pay a court fine, what could happen if you don't pay a fine and what to do if you can't pay it.

  13. Raise or defend an action in court

    Information on how to raise or defend an action in court. Includes simple procedure, summary cause and court costs.

  14. Tribunals

    Tribunals investigate and deal with peoples’ rights outside the civil court structure.

  15. Understanding civil justice

    Issues like debt, housing disputes, bankruptcy, divorce, and parental rights are dealt with in the civil justice system.

  16. Understanding criminal justice

    Information for victims and witnesses on what happens at each stage of the criminal justice system.

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