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Going to court as a victim or witness

What happens at a criminal, civil or Children's Hearing court case. Giving evidence and claiming witness expenses at court.

  1. Being a witness at court

    Information for witnesses of criminal, civil and Children’s Hearing court cases. Includes where to get support if you're worried about giving evidence, and special measures for vulnerable witnesses.

  2. What happens at a criminal court case

    A guide for victims and witnesses on what happens if a criminal case goes to court.

  3. After the verdict: victims and witnesses

    What happens after a verdict at court, including information on sentencing, appeals and the Victim Notification Scheme.

  4. Booklets for witnesses at court

    Including booklets for adults, children and young people at criminal, civil and Children's Hearing court cases.

  5. Children and young witnesses at court

    If you need to go to court and you’re not sure what will happen, you can get support to help you feel ok about talking at court.

  6. If you're the carer of a witness

    Information for carers of witnesses with learning disabilities.

  7. Make a victim statement

    Make a written statement that tells a court how a crime affected you.

  8. What happens at a civil court case

    Information for witnesses on court processes at civil court cases.

  9. What happens at a Children's Hearing court case

    What happens when a Children's Hearing is sent to court – includes people in the courtroom, witnesses and what the sheriff can decide.

  10. Witness expenses for going to court

    Information for witnesses on claiming expenses for travelling to court, meals and loss of earnings.

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