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Tribunals investigate and deal with peoples’ rights outside the civil court structure.

  1. Appeal against a Mental Health Tribunal decision

    How to appeal if you do not agree with a compulsory care decision made by the Mental Health Tribunal.

  2. Apply or appeal to the Mental Health Tribunal

    Information on how to appeal against compulsory care decisions (like Compulsory Treatment Orders).

  3. Landlord right of entry

    Information on how to gain access to a property if you're a landlord.

  4. Make an appeal to the Tax Chamber

    How to appeal if you disagree with a decision made about Lands and Buildings Transaction Tax or Scottish Landfill Tax.

  5. Make an application to the Lands Tribunal

    Information on how to apply to have a dispute about land or property resolved.

  6. See recent Lands Tribunal decisions

    Find decisions made by the Lands Tribunal for Scotland relating to land or property disputes.

  7. See recent Tax Chamber decisions

    See decisions on appeals against decisions on Land and Buildings Transaction Tax and Scottish Landfill Tax.

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