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Renting a property

Information on starting and ending a tenancy with a private landlord, or applying for social housing.

  1. Renting and your rights during coronavirus if you have a private landlord

    Information about your private rental rights during coronavirus, including what to do if you're having financial difficulties.

  2. Renting from a housing association or local council

    Find information on renting from a registered social landlord.

  3. Renting from a private landlord

    Find information on renting from a private landlord.

  4. Renting and your rights during coronavirus if you have a social landlord

    Information about your rental rights during coronavirus if you have a social landlord.

  5. Home repair help for older or disabled people

    Find out about Care and Repair services in Scotland.

  6. If you can't pay your rent

    How to deal with rent arrears if you live in private, council or social housing.

  7. If your landlord increases the rent

    Information about how and when rent can be increased, and what you can do if you disagree with it.

  8. Private water supplies

    Information on how to look after your domestic or commercial private water supply.

  9. Public water and sewerage services

    Find out about public water and sewerage services.

  10. Rent or buy a Crown Estate owned property

    Find out which of the Crown Estate's property is currently available.

  11. Sharing rented accommodation

    Information on how to share a house or flat with other people.

  12. Your home after separation: renting

    Your rights and options for dividing the home you rent after you separate from your partner.

  13. Search the register of fair rents

    Search fair rent registrations of individual properties made since November 1994.

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