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Renting from a private landlord

Find information on renting from a private landlord.

  1. Renting and your rights during coronavirus if you have a private landlord

    Information about your private rental rights during coronavirus, including what to do if you're having financial difficulties.

  2. Types of tenancy

    Information on assured tenancies, short assured tenancies and private residential tenancies.

  3. Renting property from a private landlord

    Information on how to move in and move out of a home if you're renting privately.

  4. Communication agreements

    Information on agreeing a method for a landlord and tenant to contact each other during a private residential tenancy.

  5. Tenancy agreements - tenants

    Information about the tenancy agreement requirements for a private residential tenancy.

  6. Tenancy deposits (tenants)

    Information on how to pay a deposit when renting a property.

  7. Guarantors

    Help if you're asked to be a guarantor, or want to know more about what guarantors need to do.

  8. Apply to Rent Service Scotland about your rent increase

    If you don't live in a Rent Pressure Zone and your rent has been increased by your landlord, you can apply to Rent Service Scotland (RSS) to work out if your rent increase is too high.

  9. Asking for repairs as a tenant

    Information on how to get your landlord to carry out repairs if you're renting in Scotland.

  10. Letting agent regulation (information for tenants)

    Information on the Letting Agent Code of Practice and how to complain about your letting agent.

  11. Local housing allowance

    Information on how to apply for housing benefit if you're renting privately.

  12. Private residential tenancies

    Find information about private residential tenancies.

  13. Resolving a rented housing dispute

    Information on how to resolve a housing dispute when you're a private tenant or a private landlord.

  14. Letting Agents who have been removed from the Register

    A list of Letting Agents who have been removed from the Register because their registration has expired or they are no longer carrying out letting agency work.

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