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Overview of short-term let licences

From 1 October 2023 you must have a licence before you offer short-term lets. You must have a licence before you can take bookings or receive guests

Operating without a short-term let licence is a criminal offence. You could get a fine of £2,500 and be banned from applying for a licence for a year. You would not able to offer lets during this period.

If you used your accommodation as a short-term let before 1 October 2022 and you applied for a short-term let licence before 1 October 2023, you can continue offering lets while your application is being processed.

Types of short-term let licence

There are 4 types of licence:

  • 'home sharing' means you rent out all or part of your own home while you’re living there 

  • 'home letting' means letting all or part of your own home while you’re not there, for example while you're on holiday. This could also include 'home swapping' which means letting someone use your home in exchange for use of their home or other accommodation - you need a short-term let licence if you swap your home in the course of business

  • 'secondary letting' means letting a property where you do not normally live, for example a second home or holiday let 

  • 'home letting and home sharing' means you let out all or part of your own home both while you are living there and also at times when you're not there

Check the type of short-term licence you need

Use our tool to find out what kind of licence you need and how to apply.

Check if you need a licence and how to apply

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