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Buying and owning a property

Information about buying, taxing, keeping and selling a home or business property.

  1. Apply for a self-supply water licence

    Information on how to buy water directly from Scottish Water instead of a supplier.

  2. Buying and selling

    Information and advice on the legal processes involved with buying and selling a property.

  3. Help to buy your home

    Find out about the schemes available to help you buy a home.

  4. Help to keep your home

    Find out how to get help to manage your bills and keep your home if you run into difficulty.

  5. Private water supplies

    Information on how to look after your domestic or commercial private water supply.

  6. Rent or buy a Crown Estate owned property

    Find out which of the Crown Estate's property is currently available.

  7. Public water and sewerage services

    Find out about public water and sewerage services.

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