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Self-building a home

Information about building your own home or renovating an existing derelict property.

  1. Building your own home

    A guide to the whole process of building your home, from design and land purchase to builder hire, the build process itself and reclaiming VAT.

  2. Choosing a self-build home type

    A guide to the different types of home you may wish to consider when building your own property.

  3. Get a self-build loan in Scotland

    Find out how to get a loan to help build your own home.

  4. Finding and buying a plot of land

    How to find and buy a plot of land you can build a property on.

  5. Getting a self-build mortgage

    How to get a special mortgage for building your own home.

  6. Designing your home

    How to design your own home with the help of an architect.

  7. Self-build planning permission and building warrants

    How to get planning permission and a building warrant for a self-build project.

  8. Hiring a builder

    How to hire a contractor for a self-build, or how to build it yourself.

  9. Connecting water, electricity and gas services to a self-build

    How to arrange to have water, electricity and gas supplied to your new home.

  10. Self-build site insurance

    How to get site insurance and a structural warranty while building a home.

  11. Reclaiming VAT on a self-build project

    How to claim back VAT on building materials used to build your own home.

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