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Noise, neighbours, pets and pests

Includes neighbour disputes, reporting noise nuisance and looking after pets.

  1. Controlling your dog in public

    Find out about the law around controlling your dog in public and how to report a dangerous dog.

  2. Animal disqualification orders

    A court can ban you from owning or keeping animals, dealing in animals, or transporting animals.

  3. Applying for a high hedge notice

    Apply for a high hedge notice in Scotland

  4. Report a problem with an animal medicine or microchip

    Who you should contact if a pet or other animal or human has a bad reaction to a veterinary medicine or a problem with a microchip.

  5. Report noise or antisocial behaviour

    Find out how to report antisocial behaviour like noisy neighbours, litter and vandalism.

  6. Resolve a dispute with your neighbour

    Information on how to resolve a dispute with your neighbour including noisy neighbours, nuisance neighbours, barking dogs and a boundary dispute like high hedges.

  7. High hedge appeals

    Appeal against a high hedges decision – includes deadlines, how to appeal and how long it takes to get a decision.

  8. Dog microchipping: information for businesses

    Information about dog microchipping for businesses, such as dog breeders, dog dealers, dog importers, microchip implanters, vets and database operators.

  9. Microchip your dog

    Information about microchipping your dog in Scotland, including how much it costs and where to get it done.

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