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Licences and regulations

Find out whether your business is regulated, whether you need a licence to operate and who you should apply to.

  1. Breastfeeding and your business

    Find out the law around breastfeeding and how to become a breastfeeding friendly business.

  2. Minimum unit pricing for alcohol in Scotland

    Information on the minimum 50p per unit price for alcohol in Scotland.

  3. Accepting returns and giving refunds

    You must offer a full refund if an item’s faulty, not as described or doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

  4. Apply for an explosives certificate or licence

    How to apply for an explosives certificate or licence from Police Scotland.

  5. Private water supplies

    Information on how to look after your domestic or commercial private water supply.

  6. Apply for a pedlar's certificate

    How to apply for a pedlar’s certificate from Police Scotland.

  7. Asbestos regulations for your commercial property

    Managing asbestos for your premises, your responsibilities, asbestos regulations, keeping records, health and safety, finding accredited surveyors, penalties

  8. Avoid unfair terms in sales contracts

    Information on rules governing consumer and business sales contracts under the Unfair Contract Terms Act and Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations

  9. Energy Performance Certificates for your business premises

    Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for business properties - getting and displaying a certificate, exemptions, fines and penalties.

  10. Fire safety legislation at your business

    Information on fire safety responsibilities for businesses.

  11. Food safety – your responsibilities

    Information about the food safety and hygiene regulations your business must follow, including the law and regulations.

  12. Get a licence for your business

    Find out which licences you might need for your business.

  13. Get your air conditioning system inspected

    Get your air conditioning system inspected by an accredited energy assessor

  14. Invoicing and taking payment from customers

    What invoices must include, VAT invoices, sole trader invoices, limited company invoices and payment options.

  15. Marketing and advertising

    If you're advertising or marketing, you must be accurate and honest and follow the advertising codes of practice.

  16. Offering credit to consumers

    To offer credit to consumers you must be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and join the Financial Services Register

  17. Quality Meat Scotland assurance and licensing schemes

    Information on how to get QMS assurance and apply for a brand licence.

  18. Avoid and report anti-competitive business practices

    Information on unfair agreements between businesses, including price-fixing, cartels and reporting unfair practices to the Competition and Mergers Authority.

  19. Running a landfill site

    Find out about environmental permits needed for running landfill sites and regulations for landfill and hazardous waste.

  20. Scaffolding rules

    The rules for putting up scaffolding on your property - licence, checks, safety, builder, scaffold companies

  21. When you need a licence to copy a creative work

    Find out if you need a licence to copy a creative work, find out if a work is covered by copyright or an exception.

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