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Breastfeeding and your business

Your legal duty

It's illegal to prevent someone breastfeeding a child in public. This also applies to bottle feeding.

You can read more about the law around breastfeeding in the Breastfeeding etc. (Scotland) Act 2005 and Equality Act 2010

You could be convicted of an offence if you prevent someone from feeding a child.

Businesses the law applies to

It applies to all businesses and organisations in Scotland open to the general public who allow children.

It does not apply to businesses who do not allow children by law. For example, betting shops and pubs whose licence does not allow children.

Become a breastfeeding friendly business

Breastfeeding Friendly Scotland (BFS) is a national scheme you can sign up to for free. It's backed by Scottish Government and run by local health boards.

It aims to help businesses and people who breastfeed know their rights and responsibilities.

Businesses in the scheme display an award with this logo:

Breastfeeding Friendly Scotland (Healthier Scotland) logo

The award lets people know the business:

  • is part of the scheme
  • understands the law
  • supports breastfeeding on their premises

Benefits to your business

It's voluntary to sign up to BFS and it can benefit your business because:

  • people who breastfeed feel more comfortable visiting your premises and this could attract new customers
  • training staff to be breastfeeding aware can improve customer service
  • your health board will add you to a list of breastfeeding friendly businesses which can help increase publicity

How to sign up to BFS

Breastfeeding friendly checklist

To sign up to the scheme you need to:

  • train staff about the law and what it means for them
  • display your Breastfeeding Friendly Scotland award in a noticeable place (not a toilet or baby changing area)
  • agree to never ask someone to stop breastfeeding, cover up or move their seat
  • support people to feel more comfortable breastfeeding their child
  • deal with complaints about people breastfeeding by explaining you're part of the scheme and what the law says

Contact your local health board

Email your health board to sign up and get a Breastfeeding Friendly Scotland award.

NHS healthboard Email
Ayrshire and Arran
Dumfries and Galloway
Forth Valley
Greater Glasgow and Clyde (East Dumbartonshire HSCP)
Greater Glasgow and Clyde (East Renfrewshire HSCP)
Greater Glasgow and Clyde (Inverclyde HSCP)
Greater Glasgow and Clyde (North West)
Greater Glasgow and Clyde (North East)
Greater Glasgow and Clyde (Renfrewshire HSCP)
Greater Glasgow and Clyde (South)
Greater Glasgow and Clyde (West Dumbartonshire)
Western Isles

If you need to get in touch

Get in touch if you:

  • have businesses in more than one health board area
  • don't know who your local health board is
  • need any other help with BFS


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