Apply for PVG

Last updated: 15 October 2019

If you're going to be doing 'regulated work' your employer may ask you to join the PVG scheme. To join, you'll need to fill out a paper application form.

Regulated work is when you work with children and/or protected adults, for example a school teacher, girl guide leader or nurse. There are other types of disclosure for non-regulated work.

Application process

The form is usually given to you by your employer or the organisation that you're going to be working with. This is the same for paid employment or voluntary work.

If your employer asks you to get a form yourself, you can ask for it to be posted to you.

You'll need to fill in and sign the form and return it to your employer. If they use a different organisation to manage their PVG records, they may ask you to send it straight to them. These organisations are called umbrella bodies.

You'll also need to show some ID to confirm your identity and address to your employer or the organisation managing their PVG records. They'll tell you what form of ID they will accept.

Paying for a PVG

It costs £59 to join the PVG scheme. The organisation you're applying for will tell you if you need to pay the joining fee or if they'll pay for it.

Getting your PVG certificate

90% of PVG applications are completed within 14 days (not including postage time). If you've made any mistakes in your application, or if we have to make any extra checks, your application may take longer to complete.

Existing PVG scheme members

If you're already a member of the PVG scheme, you should update your record with Disclosure Scotland when you start a new job or voluntary role which involves regulated work.

Your new employer may ask you to complete an Existing PVG Scheme Member form. This will allow them to get an up-to-date certificate as well as be added to your PVG membership account. This update - known as a Short Scheme Record - costs £18. You can ask for the form to be posted to you to fill in.

To qualify for a Short Scheme Record, your current PVG Scheme membership has to relate to the same group - children or protected adults - as your new employment. If not, the update will cost £59.