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What you need to know about your Adult Disability Payment review

What happens in a review

Social Security Scotland will regularly review:

  • the information they have
  • any new information you provide

This is to make sure that you continue to get the right amount of Adult Disability Payment for your needs.

A review is a chance to discuss any changes that have happened since you applied, or since your last review. Social Security Scotland will ask you about any changes to your:

  • daily living
  • conditions
  • mobility needs

Social Security Scotland may ask you for more information about your circumstances during a review. Contact Social Security Scotland if you're unsure about what information to give them, or do not know where to find it.

When the review is complete, Social Security Scotland will make a new decision called a determination. They'll write to let you know the outcome of the review.

How often reviews take place

How often Social Security Scotland review your award will depend on:

  • your conditions
  • if your level of need changes

When Social Security Scotland make a decision about your Adult Disability Payment application, they'll give you your first review date.

At the end of each review, they'll let you know in advance when the next one will take place. This is so you can prepare and get help and support if you need it.

Indefinite awards

If you’ve been given an indefinite award by Social Security Scotland, your award will not be reviewed unless you tell them that something has changed.

How long a review takes

The length of time it takes to complete a review depends on your circumstances.

If you have no changes to tell Social Security Scotland about, you may get a decision sooner.

If you have more than one change to tell Social Security Scotland about, the decision may take longer.

As part of a review, Social Security Scotland may need to see some supporting information.

After Social Security Scotland send your review pack, you have 28 days to complete and return the form. Social Security Scotland will write to let you know the outcome as soon as possible.

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