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After court

Reassure the witness

While good preparation and support can make giving evidence easier, some witnesses may still find it stressful and upsetting. You can remind them that without witnesses like them, the courts wouldn't work properly.

You can also remind them that they're not responsible for what the court decides.

Help the witness claim expenses

The witness may be entitled to expenses for bus fares, loss of earnings or childcare.

Expenses are usually only available for witnesses, but it may be possible for carers to claim expenses in some circumstances. Ask the person who cited the witness for more information.

Help the witness find out the outcome of the case

Court cases can take days or weeks. At the end of the case, there will be a verdict or a decision about what happened and what will happen next.

Find out how a witness can find out the outcome of a case after they've given evidence.

Follow up a claim for compensation

If the witness has been a victim of crime, they may be able to claim compensation for a criminal injury.

A case doesn't need to go to court for a claim to be made.

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