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Information for transgender disclosure applicants

If you're transgender you can apply for a disclosure using a special process.

This means you do not have to tell the person or organisation asking you for a disclosure what your previous gender was. You only have to tell Disclosure Scotland.

Disclosure application process

You should use your present name and gender on the disclosure application.

You do not have to:

  • answer 'yes' to the part of the form about previous names, unless you had other names that do not relate to your transgender status
  • disclose previous names that relate to your transgender status on the application
  • give your Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) to your employer

Notify Disclosure Scotland of your previous names

Even though you do not need to disclose the previous names on the application, you'll need to provide these to Disclosure Scotland separately.

To do this, send an email to and include the following information:

  • your application reference number
  • your contact details
  • details of your previous names

Disclosure Scotland's Operations Management will let you know when they have received your information, so you can be sure only Disclosure Scotland will handle your information.

If you’ve applied online, your application reference number is the 9-digit number you’re given when you submit your application. If you’ve applied by paper, your reference number is the 16-digit barcode number in the top-right corner of your disclosure application form.

What your disclosure certificate will show

Your disclosure certificate will show your current name. It will not include any previous names.

Get help with the process

If you need help, call 0300 020 0040 and ask to speak to the Vetting Operations Manager.

The helpline is open Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm, and Friday 9am to 3.30pm.

Find out about call charges

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