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What you need to do as a patient

It is important that you attend your appointments, and let your dentist know as soon as possible if you can't attend an appointment.

If you miss appointments, your dentist can charge you a cancellation fee and end your registration.

You should also:

  • let your dental practice know if your personal information changes (for example, changing address)
  • pay for treatment (your dentist can refuse to treat you and end your registration if you've outstanding payments)
  • treat dental staff with respect
  • follow advice on how to look after your mouth, teeth and gums
  • follow advice on how to look after your child's mouth, teeth and gums
  • let your dentist know about any changes to your general health or to any medicine you are taking
  • ask questions if you don't understand your treatment options or treatment plan

You need to agree to any treatment before the dentist can begin treating you.

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