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How to find an NHS dentist

You can find a dentist near you using NHS Inform's Find Your Local Service.

You may need to contact several different dental practices as some dentists:

  • can't take new NHS patients
  • only treat certain groups of people, for example children, or people getting certain benefits

Not all dentists provide NHS treatment.

When you've found a dentist who provides NHS treatment, ask if you can register as an NHS patient.

How to register

If a dentist accepts you as an NHS patient, you'll:

  • fill in a registration form
  • find out what NHS services the practice provides
  • find out which dentist will treat you
  • have a check-up

You can also ask to register your child at the same time.

If you're not registered

You can get care from an NHS dentist. They'll have to agree to see you as an occasional patient. You can find a local dentist using NHS Inform Find Your Local Service.

Occasional patients don't have access to the full range of NHS treatment.

After you've registered

Your dentist will give you a dental check-up and:

  • ask if you have any health problems
  • examine your mouth, teeth and gums and tell you how to keep them healthy
  • tell you if you need treatment

If you need treatment the dentist will:

  • explain your options, including what treatments can be done on the NHS
  • let you know the cost
  • give you a treatment plan
  • tell you when you need to come back

A treatment plan is a document that tells you about the dental treatment you need and how much it will cost.

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