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Changing dentists

You may need to find a new dentist because:

  • you've moved house
  • you're unhappy with your dental care
  • your dentist has stopped providing NHS treatment

Changing dental practices

You should let your dental practice know that you're leaving.

If you register with a new dentist that provides NHS treatment, you'll no longer be registered with your old dentist.

You can find a local dentist using NHS Inform Find Your Local Service.

What to do if you're unhappy with your dental care?

If you're unhappy with your dental care speak to:

  • your dentist
  • a member of staff at the dental practice

There is advice and guidance available about complaining about your dental treatment.

What to do if your dentist stops providing NHS treatment

  • You'll usually be told about three months in advance
  • Your dentist must do their best to complete any NHS treatment you need

Your dentist may recommend a new dentist or you can find a new NHS dentist using NHS Inform's Find Your Local Service.

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