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What treatment can I get as a registered NHS patient?

You can get care, advice and treatment from the NHS to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.

If you want any cosmetic dental treatment, like white fillings on back teeth, you'll need to pay for it privately.

If your dentist offers private treatment, they'll:

  • tell you how much any treatment costs
  • explain your treatment options (including what you can have done on the NHS)
  • get your agreement to any treatments

Free NHS treatment

Most adults over 18 have to pay for dental treatment.

You can ask your dentist how much your treatment costs before it begins.

You get free treatment if you:

  • are under 26
  • are a pregnant women
  • have a baby under 12 months old
  • get income support or other specific benefits

You'll need to show proof of this, for example an NHS Tax Credit exemption certificate or award letter.

You may also get help with your health costs if you're on a low income.

Find out more detailed information about help with health costs.

If you do not have these documents, you will not have to pay. A check will be made to make sure you're entitled to free NHS treatment or help with treatment costs.

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