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Using disclosure information

If you’re handling disclosure information, you must do this properly and lawfully. You should only use disclosure information for the purpose of the application. 

For example, if a disclosure was used for recruitment for a particular job, then it should only be used for the recruitment decision. It should not be used or kept for another purpose.

Storing and disposing information

You’re responsible for disclosure information provided to you. You must store it securely and follow your internal data protection procedures. Paper documents should be kept in a place that’s fixed and lockable. Any electronic disclosure information must only be accessible to people authorised to view it. 

You should only store disclosure information for as long as it’s needed for the purpose of the application. When disposing information, you must do this securely, for example by shredding it. Do not keep a photocopy or other version of it.

Tracking applications

If you need to keep a record of your applications for audit purposes or to track your memberships, you can use a template tracking document to help. This document should be stored securely. If a person leaves your employment, you should follow your retention policies to update this.

Information policies 

Registered bodies must comply with the UK General Data Protection Regulations and the Data Protection Act 2018. You should also have a privacy policy on the handling of disclosure information. 

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