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Offences under the code

You must only use disclosure information if you’re entitled to as part of your duties. It’s an offence to:

  • disclose disclosure information to anybody who is not an employee, officer or member of the registered body (unless you’ve requested it on behalf of another organisation)
  • disclose disclosure information to any employee, officer or member when it’s not related to their duties
  • knowingly make a false statement to obtain disclosure information
  • enable someone to falsely obtain disclosure information
  • countersign an application with another person’s countersignatory code

If Disclosure Scotland thinks an offence has been committed then it will decide whether information should be passed to the police. 

Report to Disclosure Scotland

Under the code, you must:

  • report any failures to follow the code
  • report any suspicions that an offence has been committed
  • audit your disclosure practices if Disclosure Scotland asks you to
  • send information to Disclosure Scotland about your disclosure practices

Email to report to Disclosure Scotland.

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