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Registering with Disclosure Scotland

You can register your organisation with Disclosure Scotland to apply for higher level disclosures. By registering, your organisation will become what’s known as a registered body.

You must provide certain information to register, including details of people in your organisation who handle disclosure information.


You must choose someone from your organisation to become a lead signatory. This is the person responsible for making sure disclosure information is handled properly in the organisation.

The lead signatory does not have to sign all the disclosure applications. There can also be one or more countersignatories

Disclosure Scotland carries out ongoing background checks to make sure signatories are suitable for these roles. These are different to the checks carried out to monitor PVG members. Registration as a lead signatory or countersignatory cannot be used as a substitute to being a PVG member.

Updating details

You must let Disclosure Scotland know if any of the lead signatory or countersignatory details change, such as their email address, or if they leave your organisation. Email

Registration costs

It costs £75 each year to be a registered body. This fee covers the lead signatory and up to 4 countersignatories. Adding more countersignatories costs £15 each per year. 

Removing registration

Disclosure Scotland can refuse to issue you with disclosures if you do not follow the code. It can suspend or remove your organisation’s registration, meaning it will not accept higher level disclosure applications from you. 

It can also remove lead signatories and countersignatories’ registration, meaning they cannot make disclosure applications.

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