Get a paper disclosure application form

Last updated: 20 August 2020

You can apply for basic, standard and enhanced disclosures using the same paper application form.

The quickest way you can apply for basic disclosures is online.

Organisations can also apply for all disclosures by email.

If you cannot complete an application online or by email, you can ask Disclosure Scotland for a paper application form. This takes longer, so try to apply online or by email first.

Email to get a paper form. Include your:

  • name
  • address details
  • the number and type of application you need

You can get help with completing the paper application from Disclosure Scotland's Guide for applicants completing a Police Act Disclosure application (PDF) guidance document.

Care of address

We need the applicant's written consent to send the Basic application certificate to an address other than their home address. For example, a care of (c/o) address.

They must also consent for the recipient to open and view the contents of the certificate before the applicant or person sees it.

You need to enclose this written consent with the paper application form.