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Cold Weather Payment is changing for people in Scotland

A new benefit, Winter Heating Payment, will replace Cold Weather Payment in Scotland from this year.

DWP will no longer make any Cold Weather Payments to clients in Scotland.  

If you’re currently eligible for Cold Weather Payment from DWP and your circumstances have not changed, you’ll be eligible for a Winter Heating Payment. 

You do not need to do anything. 

Winter Heating Payment will provide a reliable, annual £50 payment, automatically through Social Security Scotland, to anyone who qualifies.

Payments for winter 2022 will start to be made from February 2023.

Winter Heating Payment will provide support to people irrespective of weather conditions or temperature levels where they live. It will not affect:

  • the payment of any other benefits you’re currently getting from DWP or Social Security Scotland 
  • Winter Fuel Payment from DWP

Why this change is happening 

Winter Heating Payment is replacing Cold Weather Payment in Scotland.

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