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Prisons and parole

Prison visits, parole and support for families of prisoners.

  1. After the verdict: victims and witnesses

    What happens after a verdict at court, including information on sentencing, appeals and the Victim Notification Scheme.

  2. Complain about a prison

    How to complain to the Scottish Prison Service if you’re unhappy with their service.

  3. Complain about the Parole Board

    How to complain to the Parole Board for Scotland if you’re unhappy with their service.

  4. Find a prison

    Get contact details, visiting times and facilities of a particular prison on the Scottish Prison Service website.

  5. Getting parole

    Prisoners may be able to get parole, which means they can leave prison or be released from custody before the end of their sentence.

  6. Help with money if you're affected by imprisonment

    If someone you know is facing imprisonment or is already in prison, it could affect your finances. Find out what you can do to manage any money worries.

  7. Home detention curfew

    Home detention curfew allows people with convictions to serve part of their sentence in the community whilst wearing an electronic tag.

  8. Staying in touch with someone in prison

    Visiting times, keeping in touch by email, telephone or letter and sending money to a prisoner.

  9. Support for families and friends of prisoners

    Get support and advice if you know someone in prison.

  10. Visit someone in prison

    How to visit someone in a prison. Includes help with prison visit costs.

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