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Your rights and the law

Includes being arrested, police warnings, discrimination and consumer rights.

  1. Consumer rights and complaints

    Consumer protection and rights for goods and services – includes staying safe online and refunds.

  2. Police and prosecutions

    Your rights if you're arrested or charged with a crime, stop and search, police and procurator fiscal warnings, fines and complaints.

  3. Complain about the press or media

    How to make a complaint about an article in the press, or a TV or radio programme.

  4. Data sharing of personal information

    Why organisations may sometimes need to share your personal information.

  5. Drinking alcohol in public places

    Your local council has its own set of rules (byelaws) on where you can and cannot drink in public places.

  6. Get information from a Scottish public authority (FOI request)

    How to send a Freedom of Information request to get information from public authorities.

  7. Gypsy Travellers

    Advice for Gypsy Travellers on access to services, eviction rights and discrimination.

  8. How to report a possible abuse of your human rights

    If you feel your human rights have been abused, there are many ways you can report it.

  9. License a firearm

    Find out how to license a firearm.

  10. License an air weapon

    Anyone who owns or uses an airgun needs to have a licence.

  11. Sheriff officer powers when they visit your home or business

    Your rights when sheriff officers visit your home or business – includes proof of identity, forcing entry and complaints.

  12. What are my human rights?

    Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world simply because they are human.

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