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Child Disability Payment

How to apply for Child Disability Payment, what happens after you have applied and how to get help from Social Security Scotland.

  1. Child Disability Payment

    Information about Child Disability Payment including payment rates, who should apply, how to apply, what happens after you apply and what to do if you disagree with a decision.

  2. Help to apply for Child Disability Payment

    Find out what help Social Security Scotland can offer you when applying for Child Disability Payment.

  3. Supporting information for Child Disability Payment

    How Social Security Scotland uses supporting information to make decisions about Child Disability Payment.

  4. Child Disability Payment - If your circumstances change

    How to tell Social Security Scotland about a change to you or the child's circumstances when applying for or getting Child Disability Payment.

  5. Child Disability Payment reviews

    How reviews work for Child Disability Payment.

  6. Apply to lease accessible vehicles

    How Child Disability Payment clients can lease an accessible vehicle through the Accessible Vehicles and Equipment Scheme.

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