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Criminal record checks for the Homes for Ukraine scheme

If you would like to become a sponsor and provide a home as part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme, you’ll be asked to complete a disclosure check.  

This is to make sure that people are placed in safe homes.     

Who needs to apply 

You need to get an enhanced disclosure if you’re either: 

  • volunteering to provide a home as part of the scheme. This includes your personal home and any other homes or properties you have

  • over 16 and live in the same household as someone volunteering their personal home for the scheme

How to apply 

Your local council will ask you to complete an enhanced disclosure form. You need to complete the first part of the form (questions 1 to 6) and send it back to them. 

The local council will then complete the second part of the form (from question 7) and submit it to Disclosure Scotland. 

Disclosure Scotland checks the children and protected adults barred lists as part of the enhanced disclosure.

Once the checks are complete, you’ll receive an enhanced disclosure certificate. The local council you applied with will receive a copy too. 

Disclosure Scotland is prioritising these disclosure applications. This means your application will be processed as soon as possible. 

Information for local councils 

You need to countersign disclosure applications before submitting them to Disclosure Scotland.

Disclosure Scotland will send an email to you when a check is complete. You’ll also get a paper certificate.

Application help

On section 7 of the form, the ‘position applied for’ field is already filled in for you. Do not amend this. In section 8 and 9, you should enter ‘yes’ for all the questions.

Local councils should send completed forms to:

You should send no more than 5 applications per email. If you have more than 5 applications, send them in another email.


Check the guidance for local councils on The ‘person checks’ section has information on how to decide if someone is suitable to provide a home.

Disclosure Scotland has a specific team to support you. If you need help, email


You do not have to pay for disclosures for the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Protecting your information 

You can find out more about how Disclosure Scotland will use your information.

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