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Replace or update your older persons bus pass

If you need to replace or update your bus pass, you cannot do it online at You will need to apply for a new bus pass.

Replace your bus pass

You can replace a bus pass has been lost, stolen, or is damaged.

You can either:

Update your bus pass

You can update your bus pass if you want to change your:

  • name
  • address
  • photo

Contact Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) if you live in the Glasgow and Strathclyde area, or contact your local council if you live elsewhere in Scotland.

After you replace or update your bus pass

Once you apply to replace or update your bus pass, your existing bus pass will be cancelled.  

You’ll have to pay the bus fare until you get your new bus pass. But if your card is damaged, and does not work on a bus Electronic Ticketing Machine you can give it to the bus driver in exchange for a “seven day pass” paper ticket. 

You’ll get a replacement bus pass sent to you by post. Make sure SPT, your council, or have your most recent address. If you do not get your replacement card within 2 weeks, you can contact them for an update.  

You should destroy your old bus pass after getting your replacement bus pass.    

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