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Buses, coaches and trams

National Entitlement Card (bus pass)

If you're over 60, or have a disability, you can travel for free on:

  • nearly all local bus services
  • nearly all longer journeys between Scottish cities - you can check timetables, including Citylink and Megabus, for times and routes of services between cities

The only bus services you cannot get free travel on are:

  • premium fare night buses – these normally run between midnight and 5am and charge more than the usual fare - premium fare night buses are marked on bus timetables
  • private sightseeing buses, such as the 'City Sightseeing' tour buses running in cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness
  • a very small number of other 'premium' services (like premium airport buses) that don't accept the National Entitlement Card - these are marked on bus timetables

If you're unsure whether a bus will accept your National Entitlement Card, check before you travel.

How to use your card

How to apply

Application forms are available from council information offices, libraries, local travel centres or Post Offices – depending on where you live in Scotland. Visit Transport Scotland for details on how to apply and who to contact from your local council.

When applying, you'll need:

  • a completed application form
  • a recent photograph
  • proof of age or disability
  • proof of your current address

Renewing your card

If you have a National Entitlement Card because you're over 60 your card won't expire and won't need to be renewed.

If you have a National Entitlement Card because you're disabled, it might have an expiry date on it. If your card runs out in 4-6 weeks and you haven't heard from your local council or Transport Scotland about renewing it, contact Transport Scotland and let them know your card is expiring soon.

Companion cards

You can get a companion card for a companion to travel with you, if you meet certain eligibility criteria. Transport Scotland has details of the eligibility criteria and the application process.


If you hold a Scottish National Entitlement Card, issued by the City of Edinburgh Council, you can travel for free on Edinburgh trams. Scottish National Entitlement Cards that were not issued by Edinburgh Council are not valid on tram services, unless you are blind or visually impaired.

Visit the Transport for Edinburgh website for further information on travelling by tram in Edinburgh.


If you're able to, book your coach travel in advance. This will give the transport provider more time to meet your needs.

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