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Submitting an appeal

Before you appeal

Before you make an appeal you should contact your local assessor's office to speak about your valuation informally.

There's no charge for any information the assessor gives you and they will be able to explain how the rateable value for your property was calculated. They may need to visit your property to check details and will change your rateable value if it's wrong.

The majority of cases can be resolved at this stage, without any cost.

How to appeal

You can submit an appeal online, in writing or by email, to your local assessor.

Appeal deadlines

The last date for appealing against your revaluation is within 6 months of the date of issue of the assessor's Valuation Notice (this provides the new rateable value ).

New owners or occupiers have 6 months from when they buy or rent the property to lodge an appeal.

You can also appeal whenever a material change occurs. There's no deadline for this but you have to appeal before the next revaluation. The next revaluation is in 2023.

You must continue to pay the existing non-domestic rates during the appeal. If you're successful, your council will pay back any overpayment.

Non-domestic rates are often referred to as 'business rates'.

Interest on those amounts may also be applied. These are set every year and are always 1% below the Bank of England base rate.

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