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After you submit your proposal

After you submit a proposal to the assessor you could:

  • decide that you do not want to pursue the proposal and withdraw – you  must contact the assessor to tell them
  • reach an agreement with the assessor before they issue a Proposal Determination Date (PDD) or before the PDD itself
  • fail to reach an agreement with the assessor – the assessor will issue a decision on your proposal on or before the PDD

Assessor first response

Within 56 days of submitting your proposal, the assessor will either write to:

  • confirm they have everything they need
  • ask you for further information if they think your proposal is incomplete 

If the assessor is still not satisfied that the information is complete, they can decide not to amend your valuation.

The assessor will issue a written statement responding to your proposal and to give a Proposal Determination Date (PDD). The assessor must issue this statement and the notice of the PDD at least 70 days before the PDD. 

You’ll then have 28 days to reply to the assessor’s statement. You may only provide new information at this point. That means information that did not exist when you submitted the proposal. You can also share information that did exist at the time you submitted the proposal, but the assessor can refuse this.

Assessor decision

The assessor will issue a decision on the proposal on or before the PDD. They may decide:

  • to change the valuation in line with the proposal or a subsequent agreement that you reached with them
  • not to change the valuation 
  • to change the valuation in a different way that could increase or decrease the rateable value 

Deadline for the assessor to issue a decision

The deadline for the assessor to make a decision on your proposal is whichever is the latest of the following dates:

  • 30 September 2025
  • 30 September in the tax year after the tax year in which you made the proposal to the assessor
  • 12 months after the date the proposal was lodged with the Assessor

This is the last possible date an assessor can set as the PDD.

Appealing the assessor decision

If you’re not satisfied with the outcome of your proposal, you may then make an appeal in certain circumstances. For example, if the assessor decides not to change your valuation or does not meet the decision deadline.

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