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Submitting a proposal for a property valuation

You can make a proposal if you:

  • think your valuation details are wrong
  • disagree with the assessor's valuation

How to submit a proposal

You can submit a proposal: 

You need to provide:

  • the grounds of your proposal 
  • any evidence to support the grounds
  • a statement explaining how the evidence supports the grounds

The assessor will confirm they have your proposal.

The assessor may ask for further information and may set a ‘Proposal Determination Date’ with at least 70 days' notice of this date. The assessor will issue a decision on the proposal by this date. 

If your case is urgent, you can ask the assessor to consider it earlier.

Proposal deadlines

The last date for submitting a proposal against your revaluation is whichever is the latest of either:

  • 4 months after the issue date of the assessor's Revaluation Notice that provides the new rateable value 
  • 31 August 2023

New owners or occupiers have 4 months from when they buy or rent the property to submit a proposal.

You can submit a proposal when a material change occurs until 4 months after the next valuation roll comes into force. For the 2023 revaluation, this deadline is 31 July 2026 as the next revaluation is on 1 April 2026.

You can also submit a proposal against an error, but this has to be while the valuation roll with that error is still in force. For the 2023 revaluation, this deadline is 31 March 2025. 

Rate payments during a proposal

You must continue to pay the existing non-domestic rates during the period up until the proposal or any subsequent appeal ends. 

If any proposal or subsequent appeal is successful, your council will pay back any overpayment. Interest on those amounts may also be applied. These are set every year and are always 1% below the Bank of England base rate.

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