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Microchip implanters

You can only implant microchips if you:

  • are a vet or vet nurse
  • are a student vet or student vet nurse as long as you're being supervised by a vet
  • have passed an approved training course - see below

You can continue to implant microchips if you trained and implanted microchips before January 2016. That training had to include practical experience of implanting a microchip.

It's illegal for anyone else to implant a microchip in a dog. You can be fined up to £2,500.

Where to train

These courses are approved:

  • Lantra awards level 3 award in perfoming microchip implantation in animals (QCF) qualification - Lantra
  • Lantra performing microchip implantation in animals (SCQF) level 6 - Lantra
  • VetSkill level 3 award in implantation of identification microchips in animals - VetSkill
  • Microchip implant training - the Microchip Trade Association Ltd 
  • Microchip implanter training - PeddyMark Ltd

Microchip standards

All microchips that are implanted must:

  • have a unique number which includes the manufacturer's code
  • meet the relevant ISO standards
  • respond to the relevant transceiver

This makes sure they meet the technical standards.

It's illegal to implant a microchip that doesn't meet technical standards. You can be fined up to £2,500.

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