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You must make sure your dog gets a microchip implanted by the time it's 8 weeks old. Each microchip has a number that shows up when your dog's scanned. This number identifies your dog.

You must also register the microchip number and your details on a database that meets government standards. These are:

By getting the microchip implanted and information stored it means:

  • lost dogs can be re-united with their owners
  • the owners of dogs acting aggressively can be identified
  • the owners of abused dogs can be identified
  • you are following the law

Your dog must wear a collar with your name and address when in a public place.

Keeping a dog that isn't microchipped could lead to:

  • a fine of up to £500
  • a court case against you

If your dog is already microchipped you must make sure:

  • the microchip matches the technical standard
  • your details are registered on one of the database above

You can do this by speaking to a local vet.


If your dog has a bad reaction to a microchip or you think it's moved or stopped working, you must report it. You can do this by contacting your vet.

You should speak to your local council if you think:

  • a microchip implanter is working illegally
  • a microchip implanter is not competent

Other pets

If you own a cat or other pets you don't legally need to get them microchipped but it is recommended. It's the best way to identify your pet if it's lost or stolen.

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