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Dog breeders

If you breed dogs, before they leave you're expected to:

  • microchip them – before they're 8 weeks old
  • register their details on a database – registering yourself as their first owner


A vet can exempt a puppy from getting the microchip implanted for health reasons. For example, it may be exempt if it has:

  • severe illness
  • an infection in the place where it should get microchipped
  • a condition that interferes with blood clotting

It may also be exempt if the vet is concerned about it being too small.

If you pass a puppy to a new keeper when it's exempt, you must pass on any exemption letter to them.

What to tell dealers or buyers

When you're handing a dog to a new keeper, you're expected to tell them:

  • their dog's microchip number
  • what database the information is held on
  • that they need to update the information on the database when they take the dog home and if it changes, e.g. if they move house
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