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Requesting a redetermination or an appeal

You can request a re-determination or an appeal by:

For Adult Disability Payment and Child Disability Payment, you can request a re-determination or an appeal online.

You can request a re-determination or an appeal by contacting the Text Relay Service: 18001 +0300 244 4000 for the hard of hearing.

If you're a British Sign Language user, use the Contact Scotland service to contact Social Security Scotland by video relay.

If you need help challenging a decision

You can call Social Security Scotland free on 0800 182 2222 if you would like help requesting a re-determination or an appeal. They can help you do things like fill in your form, or send you a new form if you need one.

You can get person-to-person support with an application, find out how to get support from another person to help express your views, or what Social Security Scotland advisers can help with. You can also get help from groups such as Citizens Advice Scotland or VoiceAbility.

After you request a re-determination

Social Security Scotland will contact you to tell you:

  • they’ve got your re-determination request
  • whether they’re able to accept your request
  • if they need any more information from you 
  • how long they have to send you a new decision

After you request an appeal

Social Security Scotland have 7 working days to send all the details about your case to the First-tier Tribunal. You'll get a letter to tell you when this has been done.

The Tribunal will also get in touch to let you know they have your appeal. Once they've checked it over, they'll let you know:

  • whether they can accept your appeal
  • if there's anything else they need from you
  • what options you have for a hearing (if a hearing is needed)

If a Tribunal hearing is needed, you'll have the chance to explain your point of view and answer questions about your case. You can do this in person, or in advance if you do not want to attend.

You can choose to have someone represent you at the hearing. You can also get help from groups such as Citizens Advice Scotland or VoiceAbility.

You can get more details on the appeals process and find out what you can expect at a hearing.

After the hearing, you’ll get a letter or an email telling you the outcome of your appeal. If you disagree with the decision made by the First-tier Tribunal, or if they refuse your appeal request, you can appeal their decision to the Upper-tier Tribunal.

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