Business rates relief
Last updated: 1 October 2019


If you pay business rates, your property may be eligible for business rates relief. These discounts only apply to your business rates bill and won't directly reduce your rent, water charges or other bills.

Rates reliefs are handled differently in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

If you think you may be eligible for any discounts on your bill, such as the Small Business Bonus Scheme, you can contact your local council to discuss eligibility. This service is free.

You'll need to apply to your local council for some reliefs. You do not have to pay to apply. Be wary of anyone who proposes to apply on your behalf for a fee.

If you're starting a business or occupying a new premises, you may need to apply for relief. You can apply online to most councils. In some areas, you might need to re-apply for your reliefs every year or if your council carries out a review.

In some cases, reliefs can even be back-dated. For example, if you forgot to apply in the relevant year. You should speak to your council for more information.

You have to apply for the following reliefs:

Your council might also offer local reliefs in your area. You should contact your council to find out more. You should also contact your council if:

  • you're not getting any reliefs you think you're entitled to
  • your circumstances change
  • the property changes hands

Use our business rates calculator to estimate your business rates bill.

You can find a timeline of future changes to business rates on