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Non-domestic rates calculator

From 1 April 2024, this calculator gives an estimate of your non-domestic rates bill for tax year 2024 to 2025. It also shows which council is responsible for your rates.

Non-domestic rates are often referred to as 'business rates'.

The calculator does not show all the reliefs (discounts) you might be able to get. It only shows the Small Business Bonus Scheme.

The calculator does not show some reliefs you may get automatically, for example the General Revaluation Transitional Relief.

Before you start

To use the calculator, you'll need:

  • the property postcode, or
  • the street

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This calculator gives an estimate of your non-domestic rates bill. The exact amount you'll need to pay (your net liability) can only be provided by your local council when it sends your rates bill.

The calculator currently uses draft revaluations (rateable values) which are available at

We accept no liability for the information provided by this calculator.

Reliefs (discounts) and net liability may not be comprehensive if the property receives other reliefs. Please contact your local council for further information.

Read more information on non-domestic rates.

Extra reliefs

If you want to know more about any extra reliefs, you can:

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