Building Standards for homeowners

Last updated: 26 February 2018

Scottish Building Standards

Scottish Building Standards are rules that cover things like making sure building work:

  • is safe
  • complies with building regulations

Scottish Building Standards for minor work

If you're doing any type of minor work in your home, like installing a bathroom in your house, it needs to meet Scottish Building Standards.

You usually won't need to ask your local council for permission to carry out minor work, but you should check with them to make sure.

It's also unlikely you'll need to get your building plans approved if it's on a building like a shed or a barn, unless you're converting a barn into a living space.

Scottish Building Standards for major work

If you're doing any type of building work that will change things like the floor space of your house, its structure or its roof, it's likely you'll need to apply to your local council for a Building Warrant.

If you're not sure about Scottish Building Standards

If you're not sure whether you need to apply for a Building Warrant you can ask your local council's Building Standards service.

Permitted development

Some building work, like building a ramp to a front door for disabled access, can be done as a 'permitted development'.

This means you can do the work without needing to apply to your local council for permission, as long as you follow the rules for a permitted development.

Find out more about the type of work that counts as a permitted development.

Building Standards for homeowners
Scottish Building Standards