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Living in Scotland, government and democracy

Voting, elections, government reports and complaints about public services, MSPs and councillors.

  1. Register to vote in Scotland

    Find out how to register to vote.

  2. Apply for a postal vote

    You can apply for postal vote by downloading an application form.

  3. How to vote

    Find out how to vote in person, by post, by proxy and if you're abroad.

  4. Elections and referendums

    Information on the different elections you can vote in and referendums in Scotland.

  5. myaccount

    myaccount lets you use some online public services using one account. Find out how to register, sign in or get help with myaccount.

  6. Complain about an MSP, councillor or public body member

    Information on who to contact if you're unhappy with the actions of an MSP, councillor or member of a public body.

  7. Complain about a public service

    Information on how to make a complaint about a public service organisation.

  8. Find your council and constituency boundaries

    Use the Boundary Commission maps to find boundaries for local councils and constituencies.

  9. Find your local council in Scotland

    Visit your local council website.

  10. Government reports and reviews

    Reviews, reports and findings from Scotland's public organisations.

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