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ScotAccount is the secure and simple way to access public services online.

It makes accessing services easier because you can use one account to sign in to a variety of services and verify your personal information.

You can currently use your ScotAccount to view your online results from Disclosure Scotland. Soon, you’ll be able to use it to access more services.

ScotAccount is run by the Scottish Government. It’s separate from the local government myaccount service.

Managing your ScotAccount

If you have a ScotAccount, you can sign in to:

  • delete personal details from your account, such as your name, address or date of birth
  • delete your ScotAccount if you no longer want to use it

You cannot currently update any personal details on your ScotAccount. This option will be available soon.

Sign in to ScotAccount

Setting up a ScotAccount

If you do not have a ScotAccount, you’ll get information from the service you're using about how to set one up if needed.

You can set up a ScotAccount at any time. But you won’t be able to add personal details or verify your identity until you’re asked to do this to access a public service.

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