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Living in and visiting Scotland

Voting, charities, tourism and life in Scotland.

  1. EU citizens living in Scotland

    Information for EU citizens and non-EU family members living in or moving to Scotland, including details about the EU settlement scheme (EUSS).

  2. Armed forces community information

    Information for serving personnel, veterans, reservists and their families when leaving the armed forces.

  3. Asylum and refugees

    Information about refugees and asylum in Scotland.

  4. Charities, volunteering and honours

    Includes donations, veterans badges and setting up a charity.

  5. Living in Scotland, government and democracy

    Voting, elections, government reports and complaints about public services, MSPs and councillors.

  6. Tourism and things to do

    Accommodation, events, galleries, museums, the countryside and wildlife.

  7. Population data

    Where to find out about the population of Scotland.

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